Thursday, February 05, 2009

Snow Angels

Now that the lunch hour is over now here at our house, my three children decided to leave me to my own devices for a little while and go play in the fresh snow. Yesterday an odd thing happened in our county -- a thin storm passed through the very center, leaving only several towns with any snow at all (one of my husband's coworkers claimed almost a foot, while we got nothin'!)...So this morning the children were excited that our school district had a two hour delay and that there was snow all over the ground. The storm didn't amount to much, maybe one to three inches, depending on where you stand in the yard. But the cool thing is that it's the perfect snow to make snow angels -- something my four year-old's been wanting to do all winter! We read Ezra Keats' "Snowy Day" and the main thing he loved about the story was the part where the boy makes snow angels. So needless to say, little Sammy's outside right this minute, spreading his wings around!!! The innocence of childhood is such a beautiful and fragile and precious thing that needs to be cherished...I need to get some hot chocolate ready for the children because I know they'll be ready to come in shortly. So...God bless all of you, dear friends! And if you have the opportunity to make a snow angel or two, go to it with gusto!!

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Kayluray said...

There are so many parts of childhood to cherish. Each season has it's own beauty. When I had my third child, I purposed to hold him more because with my other two children being 6 and 7 at the time, I realized how temporary childhood is. It does our soul good to embrace these moments.