Sunday, November 28, 2010

Hearts of Thanksgiving

Well, over the month of November, in order to make the theme of "Thanksgiving" really come alive for each of my children, we lingered at the table after the supper dishes were cleared and then went around the table, each expressing what we were thankful for. I think that this really cultivated in me, especially, a heart of thanksgiving for the many blessings God has provided. To that end, I have started a Heart of Thanksgiving blessing journal, where each day I take time to reflect on the blessings that have come my way. Sometimes in the hectic pace of living, in the daily battle with the world and the flesh, it is so easy to lose sight of those little things -- a child's cherished smile, the thoughtful kiss of a husband, the answered prayer, the unexpected phone call or letter...But in using my little journal, I've come to really see how the Lord is so very gracious and good to me, despite me, and how He really is a good and loving Father who wants me to notice all those things He does for me...Much like I appreciate when my children notice all that I have done for them in the name of not merely duty or obligation, but out of unconditional and unending love. It has been a wonderful and joyful thing for me to give those moments of reflection to the Lord in praise with a heart of thanksgiving for all He has done and all He has yet to do! Enjoy a very blessed and merry Christmas!!!