Wednesday, December 15, 2010


It always gets me excited to see my children eagerly awaiting something, so excited they are ready to burst with happiness and joy and a mixture of something I can’t put into words. It’s one of the reasons I love homeschooling — that it is I, and not some other adult, who has the amazing privilege of not only seeing that anticipation, but who also has the opportunity to build upon it, watching it bud and blossom into accomplishment.

I thought of this because the weather man (er, woman…) made an announcement today that got my children excited…There is snow in the forecast for the weekend! We talked about whether or not there will be enough precipitation so that it will actually snow a lot and whether or not it will be cold enough that the snow will actually lay, since we’ve seen snowflakes this season at least several times. Besides being a great science lesson about the seasons or about how snow is made (and only God can make snow, no matter what the ski resort thinks!), the prediction has given my children something to look forward to with anticipation…to turn over in their minds and to ponder and consider and apply their knowledge, such as it is.

This time of year there is so much busy-ness that I enjoy the chance to slow down and reflect. I think that for myself and for my children the anticipation of Christmas gifts, snow, Santa, family visits, sweets and treats, and the magical appearance the world takes on as it is decorated by man and by nature gives us much to look forward to. We know that something extraordinary is about to happen.

I think spiritually, too, I look forward in anticipation…I celebrate the amazing miracle of the virgin birth, the willing obedience of a little Hebrew girl who unselfishly stepped into faith and became part of God’s redemption plan for mankind, and the awesome and unfathomable reality of Emmanuel — God with us…The lyrics “Fragile fingers sent to heal us, tender brow prepared for thorn…Tiny heart whose blood will save us…” come to life for me as I consider the inexplicable gift of a loving and merciful Heavenly Father, whose love for us was so great that He sent His only Son, to be wounded and pierced and rejected so that we could live. I look forward to celebrating all of that with a sense of awe, wonder and anticipation!